Happy 4th Birthday Jaden!

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. Thank you for coming into our lives and for helping to throw stereotypes right out the window. You've changed everyone who's met you for the better and continue to do so every single day. Have you even gone one day without hearing how cute you are? You make us prouder than words will ever begin to describe. Thank you for cleaning up after yourself now, and for making us laugh so hard all the time. Lyla thinks you are the best brother anyone could ever have and as you know, always wants to show you off to all of her friends who are all in love with you. You have the sweetest laugh, voice and smile. It's ok that you don't like to listen all of the time and that you are often up to no good, that's what most kids do. You're one of the smartest kids I've ever met and it's ok that your smarts are saved and shown to those closest to you! We know that you leave the best for us. I know I speak for everyone who knows you when I say, "We Love You Jaden!"

Love, Mommy

P.S. Who knew you would turn into such a huge Ham. Boy do you love the camera and the camera sure does love you. Thank you for always letting me teach you special little tricks and for being such a willing participant and performer. Remember when you would imitate me singing when you were only a few months old? It was then that I knew you were a natural. You make everyone laugh so loud. Especially yourself, right?


jessica @ raising joey said...

Happy birthday Jaden!!!!

It's Time to Live... said...

I pop in and read your blog quite often. I have three special needs employees. Most of the time they are very great to have work for me and to work with. Mood shifts are the only problem :) One of my workers is 51 years old! Anyway, keep going strong with what you do and thanks.

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