We're Back From Cali!

I've been out of the posting/Reading Picture for a while now because so much has been going on! I hate the fact that I've slacked off with This Blog!

We had My Parents visiting from Ecuador, and then We as a family went to California for a week! I will say, that we absolutely love California and plan on moving to Santa Monica before the end of Summer if all goes well!

Jaden has been doing fantastic, so much talking, running around and just in general being a Typical Boy! Of course everything that goes along with being a "typical 2 year old" isn't so fantastic all the time, but we'll take it, we'll take it! He doesn't like to listen, he loves to do things for a reaction, he loves throwing, yelling and causing comotion, but he does it all with a mischevious grin that turns me into the biggest softy I Vowed I would never be!!!!


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