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Jaden at his Gymnastics Class

I will say, that on Saturday's when Jaden has his Gymnastics Class, It's the one day where we are surrounded by parents who have "typical" children only. This week, I wondered being amongst the other parents if any of them know how they feel about Down Syndrome. They're all very nice and their kids all go up to Jaden, and Vice a Versa, however, I wonder if they pity us? The Gymnastics Teacher/Owner of the School is a wonderful women. She loves Jaden soooo much. She is one of these special people who has gone out of her way to include all children at her school, and she's wonderful with all kids, she genuinely loves these kids. But I look at the other parents, and want to ask: How are you going to teach your children about acceptance and differences? How are you going to let your children know, at an early age that all of our kids are have different talents and strengths? I don't know, these are things I feel like asking other parents.

In the Foam Blocks with his Sister

I also toured a school for my daughter this week, we are looking into different schools for her right now, and during the tour the Principal was mentioning how they are all inclusive from their gifted students to their handicapped students. I raised my hand and asked if that was the terminology they still used, "handicapped", and the Principal said yes, and that all kids were included in things at school, no matter what their abilities were. The program I was touring was for Gifted Students, so I'm sure he had no idea what I was asking. Politely, I said, I didn't know they still used that term "handicapped" and that wouldn't terms like "differently abled, and different abilities" be more appropriate, more inclusive?" I always cringe when I hear Handicapped, or Disabilities. What is this? Why is our whole language focused on the Negatives? If someone was a super star athlete, then injured permanently and put in a wheelchair for life, would they want to be considered handicapped? Or, differently abled?

On the Rings with Miss Carol

The One Day I actually missed "The View", it was the day they devoted the entire show to Autism! Unbelievable. I usually am able to watch it because that's when Jaden is eating his lunch. I really like the show now that Rosis O'Donnel is on it. Not necessarily do I always agree with her, however I like the fact that the show is willing to now take on some Real Life Discussions with Real Life Issues that aren't always warm and fuzzy. Barbara Walters has been forced to stop being so sugary and phony, and be more real, which in the end makes everyone on the show more appealing. I like the way there is some bickering, and disagreement, because this is what happens in the Real World, and I think we're in a day and age where we want the truth, not just phony played out false scenarios on TV. Anyway, that's what I like. So...Today, of all days, an entire 1 hour show devoted to Autism, which is So amazing and revolutionary, because typically a daytime show would never get this serious. They would leave it for their 20/20's or 48 hours shows. The View is actually more fun to watch a lot of times than Oprah, which get's very sugary sometimes and too Celebrity Worshiping now.

On the Parallel Bar

What this says to me, is that we, as parents and as parents to children with Down Syndrome, are definitely powerful enough to band together to get our selves, our experts, our research, our groups on TV to talk about how the Views and Attitudes towards Down Syndrome need to change. Let's face it, in the last 20 years, Autism affects a heck of a lot more people than Down Syndrome, but in that short period of time, a few, tireless, powerful parents have made huge head ways in getting funding, groups started, organizations started, research, education, rehabilitation, schools etc. started. This is quite extraordinary. Why not the same for Down Syndrome? In fact, 2 of the Big Autism Organizations just decided to Band Together to Create 1 Large Organization, and now they have pooled all of their resources into one place. It seems to me, that this also needs to happen with Down Syndrome. Why is there a bill sitting in Congress right now, that would make a huge difference in getting accurate information and support into parents hands, not getting passed? Why has it been sitting in Congress for 2 years?

Rocking his Sister in the Chair

I am very inspired and hopeful, that the day is nearing where, we too, can be on The View, talking about Down Syndrome. If not The View, what about Oprah? What about 20/20, 60 minutes? Why not. This issue is important and powerful.


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