Happy Monday - Get Rid Of Your Deoderant

I love passing on Healthy information, since reading about health and nutrition is one of my favorite pastimes! So, this upcoming information may be of No concern what so ever to you, or perhaps you are already well aware of what I'm about to share. Deodorant's and Anti Persperants are Horrendously Bad for you and your health. I personally stopped using "Typical" Deodorant's & Anti-Aspirants when I became pregnant with Lyla 9 years ago. I started reading articles regarding all of the aluminum and other toxic ingredients that are put in Deodorants and anti-Persperants and decided to switch to an All Natural Brand. After Trying several brands of "Natural" deodorants, I found my favorite and most effective, which is a Mineral Salt Stick.


Or Another Brand, there are Several:


All it is is Mineral Salts, nothing else. You wet the stick with a little water, and use. Not only does it prevent you from smelling, if you do sweat, but it lasts all day. I started reading that all of the ingredients that are bad for you in Deodorant's are readily absorbed into your skin under your arm pits, and that they find these ingredients in tissue and lymph nodes. It is a sensitive area there, because most of us shave, which opens our pores to readily absorb what ever is put on that area. Any time you put an ingredient onto your skin which is harmful, your skin (our largest organ), absorbs all of it. The problem is, most of us don't pay any attention to what we put on our skin. We figure that Manufacturing Companies and So Called Natural Skin Care Companies (Very often they have the most toxic ingredients), are putting ingredients which are safe for our bodies into their products! Well, the opposite is true! There are thousands of ingredients used in our daily hygiene products that are toxic and carcinogenic. The bdoy doesn't have the liver to use as a filter when things are absorbed through the skin. Making it much more dangerous to use toxic products. At least when we eat toxins our Liver can filter a lot of it. So, everything absorbed into our skin, ultimately goes into our system!
The good news is: There are plenty of 100% Natural, Great Smelling Deodorant's on the market now. The other option is always a mineral salt stick, which works fantastic. Also, you don't ever want to use an Anti-Persperant, because when you don't allow your sweat glands to work, toxins can build up and won't be released properly. So, if you use a Deodorant, check it out at Skindeep.com, and look up the safety of it. You can also look up all of your products. We only use 100% Natural Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpaste, Perfumes and Lotions in our house Now. I feel much better giving my kids these products to use and am glad I now Know there are plenty of positive, healthy choices! Happy Monday!


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