Gluten Free Pizza

You Know it looks good!

Ok. Well. I've been slowly easing over into the Gluten Free/Sugar Free world with my diet. I've been off of Refined sugar for over 6 months now, and that has been Amazing. For the last 2 months or so, I've added in the Gluten Free thing as well. Since I've always suffered with some degree of allergies, Not horrible, but definitely inconvenient at times, I decided to give Gluten Free a try. Plus, I want to do it for the kids, because basically it is a very healthy way to eat. I am definitely NOT Gluten Intolerant, however I am very health conscience now, and I keep reading about how big of an allergen Wheat is. In fact, they say (researchers) that up to 75% of us, are Wheat allergic and don't even put 2 and 2 together. I won't get into a health class right now. But I will say, that since I've completely eliminated wheat from my diet, Something I thought would be completely impossible to do, I've never felt better in my whole life!!! Not only do I have twice as much energy as I ever have, I am not having allergies or congestion like I used to. I am completely sold on the Gluten Free thing now and have probably been allergic to wheat for years, and never known it. Anyway, in keeping Gluten Free, I've been having to cook more, and bake! I bought some fantastic cookbooks and last night made my first Gluten Free Pizza! In fact, it was my first pizza ever! (I'm embarrassed to say). It turned out Delicious! The dough I made from garbanzo bean flour, brown rice flour and other types of flour. It was delicious. Barbecue Chicken, Onions, Organic Raw Unpasteurized Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella!

The experts are beginning to agree that most of our kids with Down Syndrome will have some degree of Gluten Intolerance so I'm just preparing now for lots of alternatives to Wheat. Luckily there are TONS of choices. Instead of Sugar we use Agave (super low on the glycemic index, suitable for diabetics) it's like Honey, but better, and occasionally honey. Those are our sweeteners when cooking or baking. You can NOT taste a difference what so ever. Also, when baking with Gluten Free Flours, you can not taste a difference either, except that I think they taste better! Peace

Close up!


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