Don't Give Your Daugthers The HPV Vaccine!

I subscribe to Natural News, by Mike Adams, the self appointed "Health Ranger". He is truly an advocate for environmental issues and natural products, holistic cures and the like. He puts out an extremely informative news letter and one of the issues he is passionate about, is one of the biggest money making scams of our generation. The over-vaccination of our children and the governemnt making money from the pharmaceutical companies rallying mandated vaccines for everyone.

This is an issue I feel passionately about and have researched hundreds and hundreds of hours of material pertaining to vaccines. The most worthless, biggest money maker so far, is the HPV vaccine, proving to be one of the most un-necessary, dangerous and deadly of all vaccines ever introduced. I would never, ever, ever give my own daughter this needless, fraudulent vaccine and I hope you read everything you can about this! Read about Merck and the powerful lobbying efforts they deploy to get vaccines mandated!


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