Couple With DS Gets Married

So much to talk about today. First up, a couple in Tennessee is getting married, and they just so happen to both have Down Syndrome. Read all about it here. This is not that surprising considering what our kids can do now, yet it is still great to see. What continues to surprise me is that every time I read an article about a person with DS accomplishing something "normal" the article always has to include the stereotypical, regurgitated so called facts about DS. Why can't we just read an article that states the accomplishments of the individual without pre-empting it with outdated statistics, or stories of institutions, etc. Yes, I understand we have come a long way, but when are Journalists going to stop perpetuating stereotypes in their story telling?

Next up for sharing, we went to Jaden's School's Open House last night. It was so cute that I could barely control myself. The teachers had put together a beautiful video of all the children doing different activities throughout the day. They would stop the video to talk about what the kids were doing coming up in the next scene. It was incredibly special. The funny part was, Jaden was in every single frame. There was no part of the video that didn't didn't show Jaden doing something. I know they favor him a bit, but it really became abundantly clear in the video how much "On Air" time Jaden got! We just love his teacher's, all 6 of them! The amazing part is, there are only 12 kids in his class! There is nothing that Jaden isn't doing that the other kids are doing. His teachers keep stressing to us that he is just like every other child in the class and is doing everything! We're so proud of our little guy. The Big scrape on Jaden's nose happened the day before picture day! So his school pictures should be cute this year!

Next Up, please read this article about how HALF of ALL Lipsticks have lead in them! This isn't surprising to me, because I have been reading about this for years, but many women have no idea that this occurs. They just assume that the beauty industry is looking out for our safety. On the Contrary! It doesn't matter how expensive your lipstick, eyeshadow, or foundation is! Unless it's 100% Natural and organic, it will have chemicals in it! The Beauty industry is a SELF-REGULATED Industry! This means they can put whatever they want in their products! Women are absorbing more than 200 chemicals a day through the skin. This includes SPF products that you are lead to believe are protecting you from skin cancer, this is also completely false marketing. The only thing you should put on your skin for sun protection is an all natural zinc oxide product, which will give you all the protection you need. The best place to look up the safety of your products in on the EWG.Org website, here the direct link to look up your products.

p.s. This is a great site to bookmark.


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