Bad Blogger Am I

Well, with very little video and photo's from the last week, I've been less than excited to "blog", but none the less, I need to fulfill my blogging duties and get rid of the blogging guilt I've been feeling. So, I've decided to give a few updates about our busy, never dull, lives here in sunny, inhumanly hot, south Florida.

First off: Jaden is going to the most amazing, incredible pre-school starting August 20th. This was our first school choice, and we had "settled" on the other school where he started a few months ago, but after 3 weeks, we took him out. For reasons, I won't go into here other than to say, we were sold a big lie under false pretenses and the reality of what the school was like was very different than the fantasy they portrayed!

Secondly: Lyla was able to get another partial scholarship to her Very expensive private school (thank goodness!) for which we only have her charm, wit, charisma and smarts to thank!

Thirdly: After getting completely sick of our house, we decided to re-do each and every room and give the whole house a make over, and I will say the results make me love my house all over again! It's amazing what moving furniture around and getting rid of a few things and adding in other's will do for your house! I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling bored with their home decor!

Fourthly: In case you're still reading. I thought I would pass on one of my most favorite websites to you all! It is a phenomenal website/company actually trying to make a positive difference in our world, to which I thank the owner and founder immensely!
You can literally look up ANYTHING on this website to see if it's healthy or safe to use. They are all about the environment and organic/healthy living for all of us!

Fifthly: I've been asked to teach a class on health and nutrition at a local restaurant! It's a really awesome place where we often have breakfast, and the owner asked If I would come in and talk about helping people make easy nutritional changes and how certain foods affect our health. Many of you may not know, but I have been passionately studying health and nutrition for almost 3 years and am extremely excited about this opportunity!

Sixthly: I'm going to be posting some jewelry pieces on here that I'm drastically discounting because I'm refocusing my efforts on health and nutrition and advocacy work and no longer have time to keep up with my jewelry business. So, if you're at all interested in the next few days I'll be posting some pieces for sale. It's been 12 wonderful years making and designing jewelry, but I'm ready to re-focus my energies full time into my true passions, health and advocacy work! Hallelujah! Rejoice! Clap your hands! Can I hear you now!....Also, if you see anything on my website that you like, just e-mail me which piece(pieces) and even if I don't have the exact same piece, I might have something similar! Can't wait to hear from some of you, or at least one of you?!

Peace out, Y'all!


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