Applied Kineseology For Down Syndrome

Being the big research nerd that I am, I subscribe to some pretty varied periodicals. It would be hard to figure out all of my interests if you were to see all of the different reading material I go to bed with each night. From Business Weekly, to Entrepreneur, to Oprah (the subscription was a gift) to The Townsend Letter (A magazine for Alternative Medicine for Practitioners). Not all on the same night! Granted, there are plenty of times I don't understand every word I'm reading in the medical periodicals, but then again I'm sure the "professionals" don't understand everything they're reading either, (at least that's how I make myself feel better.) I read an article that really opened my eyes up to a technique called "Applied Kineseology". I will post the link to the article here, and if you don't feel like reading through the whole thing I highly recommend printing it out for future reference. The whole article is focused on using this treatment for children with Down Syndrome, and apparently the sooner you start this type of therapy, the more profound the results are! I am going to be seeking out the treatment for Jaden in the next month or so. I have actually had Jaden's therapists recommend this because they know kids that have benefited enormously from the treatments. I'm very excited to start, and I might have it for myself! Happy reading!


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